How To Measre For Shoe Size

If you are going to shop online, it's best to really know how to measure yourself and in this case your foot size. It eliminates a lot of issues when you purchase order without the ability to try on. For myself I used the graphic here and did as it shows, although I didn't add as much of the extra cm to my actual foot size as I like a little snugger fit. This though will give you a guide to get your size. Don't always rely on what your size that you normally purchase. Every shoe manufacture is just a little different even with standards. So it is best to know. An Example: If your foot measures 9 1/2 ", then times that with 2.54 cm and your size is 24.13 cm . Find a size in that range. Reference guide below for example purposes only. Each item here has its own Size Guide. Be sure to add some space at toe.

Shoe Chart

This it just one of many sample shoe size charts that each manufacture will use. As with the example about it would appear that the correct shoe size for that individual would be a US 8.5 or EUR 39 size.